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Your authorized autoclave and sterilizer repair center for the vicinity of Pensacola, FL

Benson Instrument Group Int'l Inc
Doug Benson
1900 North T St..
Pensacola, FL 32505

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My time at electronics school in the Air Force influenced me to start my own company in 1980.

Sterilizer types we service:

Pelton and Crane OCM, Pelton and Crane OCR, COX dry heat sterilizer, Prestige Vacuum, Prestige (210006, 210007), GLASS BEAD, Pelton and Crane Validator, Pelton and Crane Delta, Pelton and Crane Sentry, Pelton and Crane Magnaclave, TOMY Vertical Laboratory sterilizers, Vernitron table top, Speedclave 777,



Benson Instrument Group Int'l Inc, 1900 North T St.., Pensacola, FL 32505, 850-432-2666